Edit your payslips Manage leave Export your social and tax declarations Thanks to the Stark HR and payroll

An ERP for the management of your human resources

Facilitate the management of your human resources thanks to an automation of the HR process

Automate employee management thanks to the recruitment process integrated into the Stark ERP which makes it easier for you to manage the application for employee conversion
Manage your annual interviews thanks to the career management integrated in the HR module
Manage and allocate your company's human resources with the skills matrix

Manage your employee history with Stark
Synchronize with all software in different countries
Benefit from better confidentiality and accessibility of your data
Classify your data in electronic document management

Take advantage of historical payroll management

Take advantage of a wide range of functionality and easily automate payroll management

The payroll module offers a solution that generates and has a payroll calculation engine that can be configured according to salary structures and rules
Easily consult your employees' contracts
Get massive asynchronous payroll generation
Possibility of opening several sessions for the same month
Taking into account legal and regulatory developments
Historical management of employee compensation