ERP CRM software,the essential tool for managing your business

With Stark, adopt marketing automation for your business

Opt for simplified daily use thanks to the CRM module in Stark ERP

No storage is required, as all information will be collected through Stark
Benefit from various features such as campaign management, Mass mailing and Landing Page
Get all the information you need directly on the opportunity, received mail, social interaction etc ...

Fill your pipeline with potential leads using STARK

Track all customer contact points and all purchasing steps of your customers
Attach events to transactions and view the complete list of tasks on an easy-to-navigate page synchronized with the calendar
With the pipeline view, get insight into the status of your transactions
Plan activities based on your sales scripts, meetings, quotes, calls and mailing

Calculate your profitability with stark ERP

Measure and optimize campaign performance with Stark KPIs
Create custom dashboards and data views to get a complete view of your sales funnel
See how prospects engage with your content with advanced email reporting