Commercial management software for automotive parts


Monitor real-time performance indicators and make decisions based on data to drive  your business growth.


and articles management

Benefit from full traceability for Inventory and Item Management

A TecDoc catalog integrated into the ERP software will allow you to manage your stock efficiently
Search by reference, OEM, vehicle, family and brand
Track and track your stock movements with STARK's unique inventory system from warehouse purchase to sales order

Benefit from full traceability for Inventory and Item Management

Reduce your inventories and your causes of the gap
Manage the lists of equivalences, replacements and compositions (kits) by item



Synchronize your articles with the TecDoc catalog thanks to STARK

Using the STARK ERP, obtain all the information about your customer and develop the profitability of your business
Edit and track quotes and invoices
Create credit notes, delivery slips and orders
Manage your monthly limits per customer
Benefit from the possibility of blocking sales by the system



Take advantage of the main functionalities of the purchasing management software

Get data on future purchases: Calculate forecast sales automatically based on forecast sales rule, order history, item search and more
Get the recommendation for products that need to be restocked from the supplier or another warehouse

A smart replenishment system is STARK's asset

Edit quotes, orders, receipts and invoices / credit notes
Manage indirect costs and calculate the cost price
With STARK ERP, you will be able to add articles through the list of the most sought after articles by sales representatives



Better manage your cash flow and Maximize your profitability

Analyze the costs of running your business
Explore your cash flow management and apply incoming payments
Reconcile bank accounts when requesting payment and collect outstanding balances
With the treasury module of the Stark ERP, manage capital inflows and outflows as well as all standard accounting procedures such as balance sheets, reconciliation statements, tax management and general ledgers