Connect all your retailers in one place and automate order processing

Optimize the monitoring and control of your services,

increase your sales and visibility

Strengthen the loyalty of your customers with STARK

Benefit from a software package containing the integrated garage management module allowing easy and optimal handling at the same time.
With Stark, Visualize vehicles with details of its purchases, sales, internal invoicing, cost price and net margin.

With Stark, get an easy and simple management of your garage :

Visualization of the stock of new or used vehicles
Editing of vehicle purchases or sales, accounting stock and commercial stockstock comptable et du stock commercial
Edition of vehicles by customer and the history of the vehicle contained in invoices or repair orders
Edition of the workforce per technician, its number of hours, its cost price ...
Édition de la main d’œuvre par technicien, son nombre d’heures, son prix de revient, etc.

Benefit from a tool accessible all the time and increase your sales

An online store is open 24 hours a day. People can shop on the internet anytime and anywhere
Optimize your sales and highlight your "best-selling" products